Using the CLI to determine bootstrap

I was wondering if the HA CLI could be used to confirm that I have my HW config right…
I have…
Generic x86
128GB .M2 SSD
500GB sata SSD
My desired configuration is to use the .M2 for boot, and the 500GB for the datadrive (Media).

To make this work, I first installed the M2 and loaded HA there. It booted it successfully.
Then I physically installed the 500GB drive with the plan to use the command “ha os move datadisk” to configure the larger SSD for data. (Note the drive already contained a /Media directory containing my music library).

I first started with “ha os datadisk list”, however this showed no datadisks available. To my surprise it seems the SSD is ALREADY the datadisk… I can tell by looking at “Storage” in HA system… It clearly shows available space of greated that 400GB thus I know the 500GB SD is being used for data…

BUT IS MY 128GB .M2 SSD being used for boot, or is everything on the 500GB SSD?

Is there a cli command that would definitively tell me what drive is HA booting from?



There is a log in HA that might tell you that.
Settings → System → Logs → Host (in the upper right corner)

Thanks Wally, that was a good thought… I had not thought to check there. Alas there is nothing in that log that helps me determine which SSD is being used for bootstrap and media. I read that the underlying linux of HA is “Busybox” and there is an command there that should show me something (fdisk -l), but that didn’t work either.
I think I have to bite the bullet and reconnect a montior/keyboard to the unit and check out the bootstrap in the UEFI section of the BIOS, and potentially hook up the sata SSD to another computer and see what partitions/files are on that drive.
All things I was trying to avoid as this is my live production system. No guts, no glory as they say!
Thanks again,

I think HA is based on a Linux version called AlpineLinux.
Normally you would have a mount command that shows the mounted drives, but if that exist in AlpineLinux I do not know.

Just noticed this:

Settings → System → Hardware → 3 dots in upper right corner → All Hardware

Here you can see the mounts.

And in Settings → System, you can see the size of your data disk under the storage link

Bingo! Thanks again Wally. Yes, I see both my 128GB M2 SSD under several of the fields and it mentions HASS OS and I see my 500GB SATA SSD as the datadisk. It looks like it is as I wanted it to be. I don’t fully understand of the data the “All Hardware” area provides, but clearly the system is aware of and using both SSDs as intended.

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