Using the HA Companion App with / through Tor / SOCKS proxy

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Hey there,

I tried searching the community, but couldn’t find something really.

So I’ve setup the Tor add-on successfully (which was not really hard :wink: ) and I can access my HA using a Tor Browser App. All good so far. I’ve also activated the SOCKS proxy by just setting socks: true. It also has the Container-Port mapping in the “Network” section set to 9050:9050.

When I (just for fun / testing purposes) try to connect to myonionurl.onion:9050 using a Tor Browser, it says “this port is used for something else, blabla”. So it seeeeeems(??) that it could connect to it and the port is open. Although I don’t see it in netstat -tulpen.

However: My questions are:

  1. How would I connect to the SOCKS proxy from anything outside a Tor Browser? Because I obviously can’t connect to myonionurl.onion:9050, as it’s unreachable outside a Tor Browser.
  2. Does the HA Companion App even support connecting to / through a SOCKS proxy?

Which ultimately results in the questions:
3. Can the companion app even access my instance through Tor / a SOCKS proxy, or in order to get the app working outside my home network, I really have to go through the hole punching / DynDNS path?

In the end, my ultimate goal is not even using the app, but just updating my presence / geolocaton, what the app does. So I can detect if I am home or not (Yes I know there are also other ways to detect if somebody is home, like detecting who’s on the network. But I also want to use this type of location tracking using GPS) :slight_smile:

Thanks and greetings,


see if this page helps:

Thanks for the link, but that’s all DynDNS setup basically :slight_smile: I saw that page before and I’m afraid that’s what I have to do… Pretty sad actually, as it makes the Tor setup pointless in a way, that I still need to do the port forwarding and dyndns setup, which I wanted to avoid using the Tor add-on.

I understand that one of the main reasons for Tor is not easy HA access, but anon browsing. But for me, it’s just easy HA access, hence I was hoping to have it working with the companion app, too.

I way playing a bit with Orbot and it’s VPN / Proxy capabilities. But that “only” makes certain apps browsing through a Tor proxy, but I could not make it so that these apps then can also access .onion URLs :confused: Maybe I just don’t know how it works…