Using the new Google Chromecast with Harmony Hub

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Logitech has added support for the new Google Chromecast with Google TV on Harmony Hub remotes. It uses Bluetooth to communicate, so the hub needs to be in range of the Chromecast. To set it up, proceed as follows:
Open the Harmony app on your phone or tablet (this doesn’t work with the Windows program), tap on Devices and Edit Devices.
Tap on + Device and then choose Entertainment Device.
For Device Manufacturer enter “Google” and for Model Number enter “Chromecast with Google TV” - without the quotes. Then tap on Add.
You should then be able to setup an Activity with the device.

To pair the Harmony with Chromecast, go to your Chromecast account name on the top right and choose settings.
Scroll down to Remotes & accessories and choose Pair remote or accessory. You will see that the Chromecast is searching for accessories.
Start the new Activity on the Harmony and follow the prompts. It will appear as a Harmony Keyboard, so choose that and connect.

Once it’s connected, you are all set.

The front of the new Chromecast remote looks like it has an IR sender, so I tried to teach the commands for Netflix and You Tube to the Harmony. However, it seems to send those commands over Bluetooth as the Harmony couldn’t pick them up.

The new Chromecast is an amazing little device which I definitely recommend. The only problem I had was poor Wi-Fi reception as it was hidden behind my AV Receiver. I cured this by adding a USB-C hub with Ethernet, which gave me Gigabit connectivity along with external USB storage.

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Which hub did you use to connect ethernet to the Chromecast?

Hi Ron,

I used this one: Anker PowerExpand+ 7 in 1 USB C

And this power adapter: Anker USB C Charger, 65W PIQ 3.0

The Google Ethernet adapter that I ordered was useless, much slower that my Wi-Fi.

Thanks for the tip!

I’m just curious about your note about teaching the commands for Netflix and YouTube–I’m not sure if this means the Harmony cannot work with Netflix and YouTube or if you have to enter in the commands yourself.


How come the Google adapter was useless?

Sorry, I should have been clearer - the Google Ethernet adapter worked but it was noticably slower than WiFi. I did a comparative speed test and the ethernet was about 25% slower (I can’t remember the exact numbers). But the effect of this was that a lot of videos would time-out or pause intermittently, so it was impossible to use.

The Anker adapter was much better on my other Chromecast, so I have now ordered a second one with the power adapter.

Ok, thnx , strange, how can ethernet be slower then wifi? :slight_smile:

Hi @no_on_15 and welcome to the HA community! No, the Harmony works very well. But I wanted to setup activities on the Harmony that would give access to the Netflix and YouTube apps just like the remote that comes with the Chromecast. As these buttons work over Bluetooth, the Harmony doesn’t seem to be able to emulate them.

There is an Android app called Button Mapper that should be able to do this, but I haven’t had time to try it yet. Have a look at this video that covers installing it along with other tips: CHROMECAST WITH GOOGLE TV - 9 QUESTIONS ANSWERED

:man_shrugging: Possibly a sofware bug which might be fixed in a future update.

Has anybody experienced issues trying to pair the Harmony Hub with the CCWGTV? The CCWGTV often times does not recognize the Hub. When it does and the Hub is connected the CCWGTV no longer sees commands. The original remote nor the Hub remote is able to control the CCWGTV. When the CCWGTV is rebooted the original remote works. When the Hub remote is paired it becomes unresponsive again.

The Harmony Hub does not seem to be recognizing that it is paired with the CCWGTV.

Does anybody have suggestions on how to correct this?

Thank you.

I have done 4 of them now with Harmony Hubs without any problem. One issue I’ve had with a client’s setup was that his router was next to the TV and the WiFi signal was interfering with the Bluetooth connection.

Thanks for the reply sota.

My router is about 25-30 feet away from the Chromecast and Harmony Hub. Is there a certain spacing that the Harmony Hub needs to be from the Chromecast? I currently have the Harmony Hub about one foot from the Chromecast.

Not that I have noticed, but it’s worth experimenting with it’s placement-perhaps with a HDMI extension cord. My experience has been that it just worked once I moved the router and was very reliable.

Just in case anyone is reading this, the reason why the official Google Ethernet adaptor is slower than your Wifi is, google Ethernet is 100mb as oppose to 1000mb, so if you have a decent 5.0 WiFi , your Wifi is going to be faster.

I recommend either sticking with WiFi or get a hub, similar to the one recommend here

I was able to get my Harmony Elite programed and paired with the Chromecast with Google TV, but, interestingly, the direction buttons don’t work. I can fast forward, select, go “home”…everything else, except control scrolling and movement around the guides. I have tried “unassigning” the buttons, and manually reassigning them, but it still doesn’t work, which renders it pretty much useless. Any thoughts? Has anyone else experienced non-functioning buttons/controls?

I was having the same problem. I was hitting the pair button on the back of the hub itself.

Watch this video starting at the 4:25 mark for how to do the pairing

I am experiencing this too. Haven’t got it working. Let me know if you find a fix

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I was able to pair the Harmony Elite about a week ago using the method Michael referenced above. The key was using the Harmony app to add the Harmony Elite instead of the Harmony computer app or pressing the pairing button on the back of the hub.

All of the buttons seems to be operational.

I am very pleased that I can now use the Harmony remote.

I figured out the BT pairing, after fumbling through the Harmony app on my phone. The Elite remote would send the prompt, “You must use the Harmony app to pair this device,” anytime I pressed a button. I believe I went into: *Device (Chromecast) *Settings. But, as I described above, the direction pad buttons would not function, though everything else worked fine. Ultimately, I figured out that I needed to go to the “Program Buttons” function on the PHONE APP, not the computer app, to manually map those specific buttons. For some very odd reason, the direction buttons would lose their assignments every time I updated from the computer app (on the phone app, they are actually highlighted as being unassigned). Now, after much trial, error, and frustration, everything works as it should. That said, about 50% of the time, my receiver either doesn’t start or doesn’t shut down properly, with the “on” and “off” commands. I’ve never experienced that before. But, it seems to be getting better, now that I have used the “fix it” function a few times…as if it is “learning.” Or, maybe I’m crazy, and it is simply very intermittent.

In conclusion, the more setup you can do from the phone app, the better it seems to work. At a minimum, you will have to use it for the pairing and possibly some custom button mapping, in my case.

Looking back at my post, I can see that I wasn’t clear that you need to use the app on your phone or tablet to set this up, so I’ve edited the post accordingly. Using the Windows Harmony Desktop software doesn’t work.