Using the new Google Chromecast with Harmony Hub

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Logitech has added support for the new Google Chromecast with Google TV on Harmony Hub remotes. It uses Bluetooth to communicate, so the hub needs to be in range of the Chromecast. To set it up, proceed as follows:
In your Harmony app, tap on Devices and Edit Devices.
Tap on + Device and then choose Entertainment Device.
For Device Manufacturer enter “Google” and for Model Number enter “Chromecast with Google TV” - without the quotes. Then tap on Add.
You should then be able to setup an Activity with the device.

To pair the Harmony with Chromecast, go to your account name on the top right and choose settings.
Scroll down to Remotes & accessories and choose Pair remote or accessory. You will see that the Chromecast is searching for accessories.
Start the new Activity on the Harmony and follow the prompts. It will appear as a Harmony Keyboard, so choose that and connect.

Once it’s connected, you are all set.

The front of the new Chromecast remote looks like it has an IR sender, so I tried to teach the commands for Netflix and You Tube to the Harmony. However, it seems to send those commands over Bluetooth as the Harmony couldn’t pick them up.

The new Chromecast is an amazing little device which I definitely recommend. The only problem I had was poor Wi-Fi reception as it was hidden behind my AV Receiver. I cured this by adding a USB-C hub with Ethernet, which gave me Gigabit connectivity along with external USB storage.

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