Using the script name in a scripts action (call service)?

Should be simple but can’t find a solution. I want to use the script name in a service call in a script. What I try to accomplish is this:

Call service: send a message to my phone using a restful command with info of the script name that ran.

Doing this I can just duplicate a script a bunch of times and rename them to the different notifications I’d like to be able to send. I cannot use a parameter or anything as the use case is triggering from Google assistant.

You can use the variable this to reference the state object of the script entity.

alias: "Persistent Notification that script just ran"
  - service: notify.persistent_notification
      message: "The script {{ this.attributes.friendly_name }} just ran "
mode: single

Edit edit: forgot the “” :man_facepalming:

Edit: was too fast. Won’t work. Gives [object object]: none :pensive:

Thank you so much. Was tearing my hair it finding the answer.