Using tuya and home assistant together in Google home

I have tuya cloud installed in assistant. I added the home assistant into Google home.

What is the best practice here? because I have both of these in Google home I basically have every device doubled up.

Are there devices that can only be configured using the native tuya app. So I cannot migrate completely to home assistant. So that means I guess I need both of them in Google home?

Senses don’t seem to do anything in Google home, you can’t even ask if the door is open or not. Is that true for all sensors? If so I guess I can exclude them from the Google home assistant integration.

At the moment I haven’t been able to add any of my devices into tuya local.

All Tuya scenes are broken now, because it appears as the same in HA, so any calls google will do both tuya & HA versions of the scene.

Eg IR control devices, which HA doesn’t support, I add as scenes. But now it clicks twice each call.