Using two Sky Connects, one for Zigbee, one for Thread

Hi, I would like to start with Thread. I had already a Sky Connect Stick for Zigbee, but figured out that the multiprotocol firmware is no longer available. So I bought a second Sky Connect stick. It was detected by Home Assistant and configured. In the settings → Hardware I can see both. But I can’t tell them apart, they both have the same name and don’t show which firmware is being used. The thread integration is now there, but not the “Open Thread Border Router” integration, which should have been installed automatically. In the Thread Integration I see only my Appl Boarder Router, not the Sky Connect. Am I missing something, or can you only use one of the two with Home Assistant, i.e. either a Thread Border Router or ZHA?

I was able to fix it myself. The “Open Thread Border Router” Integration will be automatically installed when you manually install the “Open Thread Border Router” AddOn. This is in the documentation, but I was confused because the Integration and AddOn have the same name. Make sure that the right SkyConnect is selected in the AddOn, or it will flash the Thread firmware to your ZHA Stick.


FYI, you can also flash the “OpenThread RCP” firmware manually via the web flasher in advance and then it can only be used for Thread (OpenThread Border Router):

Also see:



Different firmwware variants

Three network protocol application firmware variants are available:

  • EmberZNet NCP = Zigbee NCP (Network Co-Processor) is used as dedicated Zigbee Coordinator for Zigbee-only environments, for direct use with Zigbee2MQTT, Home Asssiatnt’s ZHA integration, other Zigpy based Zigbee Gateway implementations, or other Zigbee gateways/frameworks that support the EZSP (EmberZNet Serial Protocol) interface.
  • OpenThread RCP firmware (experimental) = This Thread RCP (Radio Co-Processor) is used directy as dedicated Thread Border Router in Thread-only environments, used for OpenThread Border Router add-on or wpantund.
  • RCP Multi-PAN (no longer recommended) = Multiprotocol firmware for concurrent communication over Zigbee and Thread via Home Assistant SiliconLabs Multiprotocol add-on.


I would like to also add that I use the following firmwares as they are the most stable I have been able to test :

(both are Sonoff ZB-dongle-e)

Thread : 2.4.1
ZigBee :

Idk if in SkyConnect you would have the same firmware versions.