Using universal media_player with to control non-networked audio setups

I’m in the progress on integrating my tv/audio setup in HA, but only my TV is networked, the rest is not.

At first, I went with lirc and sent the IR commands to activate the devices, but I could get only the status of the TV (by pinging it), not of my other device.

Since I really want to know the status (since I can also turn things on with a remote, or by pushing the button), I’ve looked a bit further and came across HDMI-CEC and it looks very promising. I can connect a pi to my amp, and control all the other devices with it trough it’s HDMI port and the cec-client utility. The pi itself isn’t running home-assistant, so I need to build a bridge for it so my HA can communicate trough the PI with the HDMI devices. I was thinking about some libcec/mqtt bridge so I can send CEC-state changes to mqtt, and listen for commands to send to CEC. HA would then have some sensors for my devices that I can read out in other components.

Now, to give this all a nice UI, I’ve hoped to use the universal media_player component, but that doesn’t seem to have that dropdown for channel selection that other media_player components (like the onkyo one) have.

Is it possible to add a input_type to the universal media_player component that we can use to change the channel of the amp in this setup (like with an automation that sends the right message to the mqtt bus that my pi can pick up)