Using whitelist_external_dirs with default_config?

I just did a fresh install of .98, and am using default_config: instead of homeassistant:

Any idea how to use whitelist_external_dirs: without using homeassistant:?

Don’t think you can, just use homeassistant. Everything in Configuration/General will still show up but you won’t be able to edit it.

Is there some quick documentation that would allow me to quickly replace everything that is imported using default_config:?

I switched to home_assistant and a bunch of stuff (person, config, etc) broke for some reason.

Nevermind I found it, went off of this list:

The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Why can’t you just do this…





Heh, I think you missed my quintessentially British tone of voice. I was saying “this is the answer…”


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I had originally done both, but it didn’t work. I must have messed that up some how. Anyway, got it all sorted. Thanks!