Using yweather in Lovelace UI

Admittedly I am new to all this. Trying out Lovelace UI.
Creating my first Dashboard with a weather forecast widget.
I initially configured lovelace to use darksky. But Forecast widgets seemed to complicated to assemble. So I switched to yweather, the yweather entity is available and works fine in the default lovelace UI.

however when building my own dashboard the lovelace UI gives an error referencing the old darksky entity although the layout does not contain it anymore.
I am at a loss here.

i really dont understand what you try to do, because you are talking about lovelace, which has nothing to do with HADashboard.

if this pic is from a dashboard then you have that sensor in your dashboardfile and if its not in HA anymore then you need to remove it from your dashboard.

Thank you for your answer. I may be indeed a bit confused. I am definitely using a Dashboard definition file.
Here is the layout section.
The confusing part is that the weather.yweather entry is yielding the error message in the previous post.

hmm, i see what is happening.

when you put in an entity inside the layout without configuring it gets autoconfigured.
you are placing an weather component so dashboard thinks its a weather component.

but dashboard only knows darksky or london underground for the weather component.

so you need to create a sensor widget if you want to see an yweather sensor.

Thanks for the advice. I certainly tried. But getting nowhere.
I am designing my own dashboard under /config/appdeamon/dashboards/xxxx.yaml.
The only thing I managed to get out of my sensor built in that file is the display of the current situation like “sunny” where what I am looking for is the full card layout.
What I am trying to get however is the replication of the card as it is in ui-lovelace.yaml
which looks like that

  - type: weather-forecast
    entity: weather.yweather

and yields this

any input on that would be appreciated

im not sure if it would work but you can override the sensors for the weather widget.
this is how its normally used with weather:

  title: Today
  show_forecast: 1
  prefer_icons: 1
  forecast_title: Tomorrow
    icon: sensor.dark_sky_icon
    temperature: sensor.dark_sky_temperature
    apparent_temperature: sensor.dark_sky_apparent_temperature
    humidity: sensor.dark_sky_humidity
    precip_probability: sensor.dark_sky_precip_probability
    precip_intensity: sensor.dark_sky_precip_intensity
    precip_type: sensor.dark_sky_precip
    pressure: sensor.dark_sky_pressure
    wind_speed: sensor.dark_sky_wind_speed
    wind_bearing: sensor.dark_sky_wind_bearing
    forecast_icon: sensor.dark_sky_icon_1
    forecast_temperature_min: sensor.dark_sky_daily_low_temperature_1
    forecast_temperature_max: sensor.dark_sky_daily_high_temperature_1
    forecast_precip_probability: sensor.dark_sky_precip_probability_1
    forecast_precip_type: sensor.dark_sky_precip_1

at the place from the dark_sky sensors you put the yweather sensors.
but it will never look like the one in lovelace.

if you want it to look like that you need to create your own custom widget, which means you need to have knowledge from programming in HTML, CSS and javascript.

Thank you. You have been of great help. I do have a bit of programming knowledge but I will obviously be better off using a existing widget

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