Using Zigbee2MQTT along with Australian smart meter?

I’ve got Zigbee2MQTT set up, and I’m wondering if anyone has used their setup to get readings from their smart meter?

In order to get anything out of my smart meter, I need to contact AusNet (who installed the smart meter and is the energy distribution provider in the area) and provide them with some details about my Zigbee “device” (which in this case, would be the CC2652 ZigBee coordinator USB stick plugged into my Home Assistant machine), namely the HAN Device MAC Address (the ieeeaddr, I think), and a HAN Device Install Code (also known as an IN IC)

I’ve managed to get the MAC address from my USB stick, but I’m not sure where to get the install code. At first I thought it might have been the network_key that I set in the config file / add-on front end, but I’m not sure.

I’m not that well versed in Zigbee, so apologies if I get some terminology wrong.

Might be worth looking here…

and here…

Hi @Grayda - did you get anywhere with this? I was looking at doing the exact same thing but am stuck at this page: Home Area Network - AusNet Services

I ended up forking out for an Eagle-200 because even if I calculated what values I needed, I wasn’t sure if Zigbee2mqtt would support the device.

I normally dislike the “oh I solved it by forking out dollars or wiping my computer or reinstalling the software” answers, but in this case I think it was the smart meter using a Zigbee protocol that the coordinator didn’t work with, or something. Plus not knowing what those values were, as when I got my Eagle, the code seemed like a password, something assigned in the factory at flash time.

Thanks for the reply!

After posting the question last night, I searched around for a bit longer and figured the Eagle seemed like the only official option.

Did you find somewhere local in Australia to buy it?

Thanks again for the info