Using ZWAVE stick on large server

I have my installation on a debian VM on my UNRAID server and it’s a 36 disker. So I can’t lug that around to pair zwave devices. Can I still use the usb stick? Or should I use it in a more portable pc? does it have to stay on that pc or can it be put back on the server? Not sure if the stick is tied to the devices it controls.
MY ISY994 z-wave dongle died and I don’t want to use the ISY anymore.

Will work if no interference… just try

Battery powered devices you can bring to the stick. The mains powered ones either connect from a distance or I temporarily wire them up near the stick and pair then do the permanent install. As my network has gotten larger everything just seems to pair without issue.

Ok thanks I’ll try and see what happens!

Include your devices where they’re are to live, zwave has NWI (Network Wide Inclusion) and all nodes will repeat the inclusion process back to the stick.

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Raising 2 inches off of my Mac mini was the difference between working great and not at all. I’ve heard USB ports throw off rf noise. I happened to have a little 2 inch extender. 1 foot might be better.