Using Zwave Yale Lock but cannot see which code was used

I have a Yale YRD256 thats added to my z wave network, and I have been trying to determine how I can view different codes that get used when the door is unlocked. The idea being if one code is used that is given to a parent, I can use an automation to shuffle a song from their favorite artist on my home audio when they enter. Currently right now when the door is unlocked, the logbook just shows “Keypad unlock operation”

Looking at other posts I installed Keymaster with HACS and ran through that configuration but its only detecting one of my codes and not any new codes I create. Additionally with keymaster its not telling me when a specific code is used.

Any help would be appreciated so that I can use automations based off different keys that are unlocked.

Zwave Lock

Keymaster Front Door Codes

Keymaster Configuration

So everything you can do with keymaster you can do natively in home assistant you just have to know where to look. Everytime your door is unlocked it generates an event. You can view these events by going to DEVELOPER TOOLS > EVENTS > TYPE zwave_js_notification in the events to listen to field > Click START LISTENING. When you unlock your lock you should get an event that looks like this.

event_type: zwave_js_notification
  domain: zwave_js
  node_id: 120
  home_id: 4263815964
  endpoint: 0
  device_id: 9d394e80f9d028b62ce252a5c23f23e0
  command_class: 113
  command_class_name: Notification
  label: Access Control
  type: 6
  event: 6
  event_label: Keypad unlock operation
    userId: 1

You can then take that information and use it with the MANUAL EVENT trigger in your automation. Here’s what the yaml code would look like.

platform: event
event_type: zwave_js_notification
  event_label: Keypad unlock operation
    userId: 1

This works thank you so much for the solution!

Im having issues triggering the automation based on the event firing. This is what im capturing in my listening of the zwave js notifications:

And here is the automation

Delete every line except event label, parameters, and user ID.

Awesome thank you again!