"Utility Dashboard" - Track single devices for "Water"

In the (still) Energy Dashboard, we can keep track of single devices and their energy usage.

this is helpful, if these devices are already “included” into your measurements for total consumption.

Since the new Version has now introduced the Statistic for Water-Usage, it would be nice, to have a similar option to track “single water consumers”…

What I could imagine:
You have your Water-Meter installed and integrated into your Dashboard.
Now, you are getting a nice statistic - but it doesn’t really show, where you are using what amount of water.

So, there are systems available, which allows you to measure their water-usage.
For example, the Gardena Smart Eco System would be one of those…
Therefore, even if the supported Hardware might not be widely available - it would be nice to integrate the option to track “single devices” for water, too… :slight_smile:

Any news on that request? Currently it is even worse, if you add two water usage sensors their values would add up in the energy dashboard. I’d prefer that it behaves the same way as for electricity - you have one main sensor and optionally can track individual devices. If someone has 2 water usage sensors that independently measure water usage at home there is an easy way to create a template sensor that would add up the two.
Edit: above made me think and I’ve created a template sensor which deducts the one sensor measurements from entire house sensor so now I have the House consumption and Garden consumption. Adding them to the energy dashboard should now show nicely as expected the total the the two separate items :slight_smile: Let’s see if it works as expected after a few days.