Utility meter and energy (Watt per hour)

Hi all

I’ve defined an utility meter (daily and monthly) that gets data from an OWL energy meter that gives an instant value in Watt.

Normally I can see from the OWL display, during the night until I wake up, my consumption is around 250-300w, I imagine is a consumption per hour, isn’t it?

This morning at 7AM my daily consumption was already around 5250W, something like 750W per each of the 7 hrs from midnight.

Can this be possible or there is something wrong?


No. Watts are a measure of power. An instantaneous reading.

Watt hours (or more commonly kilowatt hours, kwh) is energy or “consumption “ as you put it.

e.g. If a 100w light bulb is on for 8 hours it will have used 0.8kwh of energy.


So, since my OWL display during night shows something between 250 and 300 w, how much w or kw should I expect for 7 hours?

My OWL does not send information every seconds, but every 10 seconds or so, I shouldn’t expect a correct measurement… Right?


Your meter is indicating it is using 250-300W of power per hour for 7 hours so you should see 1.75 to 2.1kWh of energy consumed.

Wrong. You just need to understand the difference between power and energy. According to the OWL website your meter measures both.

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Thanks @tom_l

Strange think is that this morning it was at 5.2kWh at 7AM…

That’s probably showing you kWh per day (or last 24 hours)

I’m using the new component Utility Meter and that component when used “daily” should start at 00:00, I think…