Utility Meter and Z-Wave Qubino Smart Meter

Hello everyone!
I can’t solve a problem with the utility meter.
It often happens that when I restart the Home Assistant the z-wave network takes a long time to start up and the energy meter of the Qubino Smart Meter temporarily starts up with a consumption of 0 and then returns to the correct measurement.
When the meter of the Qubino Smart Meter is at 0, the utility meter makes the calculation of the difference of energy consumed when the Home Assistant is restarted and being the meter momentarily at 0, it does the wrong calculation and doubles the consumption.
From the graphs perhaps you understand better what I mean.
Is there a way to solve this problem?

Historic Qubino Smart Meter
qubino rid

Historical daily consumption
Daily rid

Yes. The zwave integration is being given it’s own container so that HA restarts do not require resetting the network. I’ve heard rumours of it being in the next release.

Yes I know but it is not a solution to the problem because if I restart the whole host the problem will return the same.

How often do you do that?

My last host boot was over 7 moths ago, and that was only because a protracted power outage for some house rewiring lasted longer than my UPS battery.

You could always use the outlier filter to sanitise your data:

“Never, ever, reboot” - wise words of one of my colleagues.

Very few times it happens but for example if I have to update the VMware host, I must necessarily restart the VM with Home Assistant.

How would you configure the filter for my case?

Nobody can help me?