Utility meter current energy consumption power monitoring

Hi all,

I have integrated my UK Bulb electricity smart meter via SmartThings integration into HA. Works great.

I have also managed to create utility_meter with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

What I would like to do now is to convert the meter reading (counter type number in kWh) that I get from SmartThings, into realtime power monitoring W so I know how much W is my home consuming realtime.

sensor.bulb_energy_meter_energy_meter is the entity that I get from the SmartThings and it updates every 1 min. I just do not how should I make template sensor.

Much appreciated

If you differentiate energy with respect to time you get power:

  - platform: derivative
    source: sensor.bulb_energy_meter_energy_meter

Any update on this. I have also just had the Bulb energy meter installed?

i have done this but cannot find the “new” sensor.

Can you be a bit more descriptive on how to access the derivative?