Utility meter entity configuration.yaml CRON example

I was able to change the yearly reset date on a yearly entity but could not for the life of me figure out how to do the second and third entity in the configuration.yaml file correctly. I could only get it to work if I changed the headings for each entity to yearly_energy, yearly_energy2 etc. Maybe there is another way but I couldn’t find any examples. Anyway for those struggling the code below works perfect for me now. The cron statement changes the reset dates to July 1st on 2 of them and Dec 1 on the AC one as defined below:

    source: sensor.heater_daily
    name: Heater Yearly
    cron: "01 01 01 07 *"
    source: sensor.ac_on_today
    name: AC Yearly
    cron: "01 01 01 12 *"
    source: sensor.water_today
    name: Hot Water Yearly
    cron: "01 01 01 07 *"