Utility meter help

Can someone tell me why my utility meter suddenly shows such a high value. Yesterday it shows me the right value.

What do you see in the history of the sensor the utility meter uses?


Why shows me this peak?

I don’t know, but that at least shifts the focus away from the utility meter and onto whatever integrations that meter uses :slight_smile:

Yes understand. Can i fix this peak problem?

Have a look at the integration providing this erroneous value.

I have but i dont know whats the problem its a fibaro wall plug.

You can use a filter to avoid spikes

Or you need to investigate why the sensor provides the spike

Oh thanks i will test it

Do I understand correctly that I just have to add that?

  - platform: filter
    name: "filtered fibaro"
    entity_id: sensor.fibaro_system_fgwpe_f_wall_plug_gen5_energy
      - filter: lowpass

now you need to update your utility meter to use this new sensor

Yes i have done it thank you @juaigl , now I have to wait to see if there are better results

The problem also remains with filter


I think the problem is any device peak.

I’m confused, filter should avoid this peaks.

The Low-pass filter (lowpass) is one of signal processing most common filters, as it smooths data by shortcutting peaks and valleys.

Anyway, seems problem is in your fibaro. I need to understand something, why is reporting all time 0kwh?

Also, I’m not german, so i don’t understand the meassurements for the other screenshot

i had the same issue with rainforestautomation eagle200 zigbee gateway for my utility meter … large spikes … i had to extract the meter readings via my own command line script and sanity check the value verses the prior reading … and drop and large excursions … these spikes cause issues since i’m integrating the values to calculate $/hr and a running total of $ per billing cycle

also, my script first tries to read the meter multiple times if it detects an erroneous value …

It report not 0 kwh its just the diagram it show this…i think i solve the problem with the filter outlier now it works like a charm and no spikes

any issues? or does it continuous working?

I’m wondering why low pass didn’t work

Continuous working, no issues :man_shrugging: