Utility_meter needs bi-monthly cycle option

I live in an area that bills bi-monthly (every two months). Furthermore, the electric rates are calculated by total usage. That is in a given two-month period, the first X kWh are billed at Tier 1 rates, then the next 2000 kWh are billed at Tier 2 rates, etc, so I need the meter to keep cumulative track over two month cycles.

I know I can probably get this work using automations, but I’m hoping it’s a simple extension of the current system.

Additionally, need to specify the “start” month somehow… The cycles where I live work Reset Feb 1, April 1, June 1, Aug 1, Oct 1, Dec 1.

Yes! I’d love to see this feature, anyone knows how to do it bi-monthly? It would be very helpful!