Utility meter not working properly

Hi, I have a template sensor called “daily_savings” which records my £ savings per day every evening. I want to dashboard the total savings (the sum of all daily savings records). To do this, I created a simple utility meter, which has gone from 0 to 0.46 to 1.65, which is not representative of the values that the daily_savings sensor is recording. Can anyone please help me understand what I’m doing wrong here?


Show the history graph of your daily savings sensor, for at least a couple of days.

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0.46 is the difference between your first value of 1.8 and second of 2.26.
1.65 is the difference between your first value of 1.8 and your third of 3.45.

How have you set up your utility meter? Looks like it’s not resetting daily as you intended.

Ah yes you’re right. I set up the utility meter via the GUI. Periodically resetting is turned on. Is Utility meter the right thing to give me a running total?

Hi Tom, I added this as the first picture. I am trying to get the meter to accumulate all of the daily values for my daily_savings sensor, to give me the “grand total”. Thank you

You need to set the delta values option to true. https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/utility_meter/#delta-values as your daily savings is not a running total from day to day.

Ahh great, thank you! So this needs to be done in the configuration.yaml. I have done this with

    source: sensor.daily_savings
    cycle: daily
    delta_values: true

And restarted HA, waited a day, but the meter just says “Unavailable”. Is there anything else I need to set? I’d prefer to do it in the GUI but I could not find the delta_values option there. Thank you

Do you have any “FIX ISSUE” buttons in Developer Tools → Statistics?

Are there any errors in Settings → System → Logs that relate to this?

There were a few things to fix. Thanks! Wasn’t aware of this menu.

This is what my utility meter looks like now. Is this expected? I was hoping for an accumulating line but it seems to reset to 0 some times. I think something’s no quite right. In the middle the daily_savings was unavailable but it then reset everything. I’ve now set periodically_resetting: false


What does the history of this sensor look like?

Top is sensor.daily_savings, bottom is the utility meter total_energy_savings i want to have the running total

    source: sensor.daily_savings
    cycle: daily
    delta_values: true
    periodically_resetting: false

If you want a running total why do you have cycle: daily? That causes the meter to reset to zero every day. Remove that line entirely.

You only have one reading per day.

Remove the daily cycle from your utility meter config. Leave the delta value setting.

That works thank you very much all for your help!