Utility_meter offset not working

I have utility_meter defined in my config as follows

    source: sensor.gr_power_kwh
    cycle: monthly
     days: 15

However, the meter did not reset on the15th of the month. What am I doing wrong?

Not sure if it will make a difference but days is only indented one space instead of two in your config.

     days: 15

Thanks for pointing that out. Adjusted the indentation now I only need to wait for another month to see that works :smiley:

If it didn’t reset properly last time it has the wrong value so you could set it to tomorrow to test. Then if it works set it back to 15 for next month.

I set the offset to today plus 15 minutes from current time. Will see.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

You can open an issue here:

Will probably do. Thanks.

Just an update on this in case somebody else faces the same problem.

I just discovered that the cycle resets at the end of day of the specified offset (not at the start 00:00 as I expected).

So, if for example you wish to reset a monthly cycle on the 15th, set your offset to days: 14.