Utility_meter : prevent data accumulation when HA is not up at 'reset time'


I’ve been using utility_meter for about 2 months now to track my electricity consumption. It works fine and is far more simple than my previous self-created management with NodeRed.

I still have a problem though. Not an issue.

I restart HA very often. I test many things. I run HA in VM on a Promox Cluster and I also perofm many tests of my Proxmox Cluster…
My problem is : when HA is not up and running at utility-meter reset time, it does not reset (call me captain obvious)… and so it keeps adding the consumption of the next time period ! :slight_smile:

OK, that’s not a component issue.
But do you have any idea about a suitable workaround for this ? Some automation that would trigger on HA startup and check if a reset of utility_meter should have occured during the AH downtime ?