Utility Meter - update interval + service call for entities force update

I would want to have possibility to change update interval some other than 1 minute. Also I would like to have service where we could call force update for the Utility Meter entities.

I have issues with calculations. Because I have to calculate energy net usage and selling. I am currently gathering hour information of total energy from grid and total energy to grid. And those values I am currently calculating in separate " net" sensor entities. And after that those are again send to another Utility Meter entities. Sadly, now when update interval is happening only every one minute that means in my house that I might lose 0.4kWh every hour from my calculations just from grid point of view. Also to grid with my system, I might lose ~0.13kWh every hour from my calculations.

The utility meter does not poll every minute. It updates whenever the source sensor updates.

Sadly it seems that it is not updating when sensors are updated. At least in my case I am pushing every second updates in my sensor. and When I am reading the utility meter values those are just updated every minute (also checked states table from database).

That’s not possible.

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 00-37-26 Utility Meter


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Thanks. Your message, I started to check my sensor routes… From the Utility meters back to source…

Dahm! Shelly EM3 is totally garÂŁ@ge (already I had that understand from shelly integration and mqtt integration in shelly)!..

Yes polling was happening every second using Rest API, but the Shelly doesn’t report Energy (return/from =total_return/total), all other values are updated in every request.

Thanks Tom! Now I need to think about plan c (Riemann sum from Power) with some extra “sensors and codes” when utility meter doesn’t support Net consumption on during the dedicated custom period (link). Just checking if someone might have idea for it…