Utility meter, values completly wrong: my bad?

I’ve configured an utility meter to track the bimonthly sensor marco.today_energy

  name: 'Marco bimonthly energy'
  source: sensor.marco_today_energy
  cycle: bimonthly

The marco.today_energy sensor works just fine, as you can see from the graph below is expressed in kW and will be resetted every day, midnight:

The utility meter however does not. As you can see, the tracking is just started and he bumped up to 250kW (while the today energy is way below, less than 3kW):

What I did wrong?

Hi, i am having the same issue, while the value of the sensor matches, the daily consumption is completely off. Did you solve that issue?

I would start by fixing the units of your energy sensor. kW is a unit of power, not a unit of energy. Your energy sensor is probably reporting units of kWh so I would recommend correcting that first.

Then, I would look at the plot of the sensor and verify every value is equal or larger than the previous value. If not, the utility meter should have net_consumption set to true