Utility meter wrong data?

I’m trying to integrate my solar system into home assistant with the energy dashboard but it doesn’t list the inverter energy sensor in the drop down menu so i created an utility meter with this config:

    source: sensor.inverter_energy
    cycle: daily
    name: Daily energy generation

this entity is listed in the solar production tab of the energy dashboard but ,as you can see from the graph below, the utility meter data deviates from the sensor its based on
What am i doing wrong?
Is there a way to add the original energy sensor from the inverter directly without passing trough the utility meter?

Thanks for the help

The sensor needs to have state_class: total_increasing. If the integration that you use to create the sensor does not allow you to set state_class, see:

As for the deviation, that is very strange and definitely shouldn’t happen. You might want to play with this further and potentially raise an issue on Github.