UV index card

I’ve made a card which shows the UV index and risk level

Install it with HACS (search for uv-index) or check the readme in on Github for manual installation if you don’t have HACS.

Open your Home Assistant instance and open a repository inside the Home Assistant Community Store.

Any feedback are welcome


Hi, just installed the card with succes, it seems to have a smart-index presentation depending on the index, thanks !
But the sensor.weather_station_uv seems not available ?
Please tell me:

  • some hints to solve this issue
  • what is the source of this information
  • how (which) UV-location is related to my home-assistant (or how to manage that)
  • what is the update/refresh frequency

@DjosHoas thank you for using this card.
I personally have a weather station which provides me this information but you could also use any other integrations like the Met Office which also can provide this.

Here are different integrations and see which fits the best for you like location and information.

The frequency will be based on where you are getting the information from, if it’s a weather station then it will be every 6s to a 1min, if it’s an integration it could be longer depending how this integration is built.

I hope this helps.

Ok, unfortunately Buienradar (NL) info has not default the UV-index. So I must look further.
Thanks quick for the reply :grinning:

Sorry that I couldn’t help

Hi, Do I have to specify the language to have it in French or does the card take the settings from HA? In both cases it doesn’t work.

Same question for the rain gauge card.

Hi @ValMarDav it should take the language from the HA settings. I will take a look, thank you for letting me know :+1:

Hi @ValMarDav, so I’ve changed my language on my profile to French and I’m able to get the correct language

Then changed it back to English:

Could you please confirm that this is the case in your side please

I had French selected. I did the test to put my HA in English and come back in French and there the translation is good. ???

@ValMarDav I have no idea why or how this happened. If I get more comments then I will investigate deeper.

Thank you for using the plugins :slight_smile:

Ok, :grinning:

As you can see in my screenshots there is a lot of rain in my area today. Maybe you can do some improvement and let us choose the maximum.

Thank you for your contribution.

@ValMarDav yes!!! :slight_smile: I was thinking that could be an option to override the default value. I will try and add this in a very soon release. :+1:

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@ValMarDav I just wanted to let you know that I’ve managed to implement the ability to override the maximum level, you will need v1.3.0
As long it’s more than 40mm then it will take the value into account.

If you use the UI then just fill the form with your value or if you use the YAML editor then just add max_level: 50

Thanks for the update. :grinning:

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Nice card!

Maybe an addition for the future is to make the text optional?
So we can choose what we see, or not.

I personal try to minimize my views, if you want more info, you should click it. :wink: