V0.31.1 Upgrade = near Total rename of each existing Device

It appears that most of my configuration.yaml file needs an entire “make over” after the last update. Before this time the top of my HA web page showed 11 devices. Since the update it now shows

Inspecting the entity names of each of those devices showed they all have been give a new name. For instance a device previously named sensor.garage_motion_luminance_102 has been renamed to sensor.garage_motion_luminance_102_3

One thing to have to go through my config file and rename each device but I am worried that in subsequent updates these names may once again be renamed. Are there no standards???

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This was well documented in the release information in the blog. The change was necessary to avoid an issue with potentially duplicate ZWave names. The devs hope to not have to do this again, it is not their intent to do this on a regular basis but sometimes change is necessary when new information surfaces …

Here is the info from the blog:

There have been a couple of posts around efficient ways to make the edits, it took me around 30 minutes.