Vacuum and nest advice

Hi all, I just purchased a nest thermostat and a shark ion vacuum.

I see the vacuum doesn’t have a component so I was wondering if anybody has theirs working in HA?

Also I have the nest thermostat component loaded did the API and got the code on the front end,
but cant find it anywhere in the <> section.

I want to try to put them both into homebridge but wanted to get them properly working in HA first.

Any suggestions or advice?

Thanks All!

The Nest Thermostat should show up as an entity with a domain of climate. Also, the device specific part of the entity ID, by default, is the name that Nest gives it. E.g., my Nest Thermostat is named Kitchen, so it shows up as

Perfect thanks!

I do have another question, when I click on my addons won’t load on my laptop screen. In the past if I refreshed the page they would show up but now all the sudden the page reloads but remains blank. Any ideas why this may be happening?

Sorry I’m not using and know nothing about it. I suggest starting a new topic under the category.

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Try using chrome to see the hassio addons it’s a known issue since the latest hassio update.

Yes that worked, it must not play nice with safari either.