Vacuum cleaner firmware update will change the token? Roborock S5

Hi to all.
I would like to ask. Somehow I managed to get a token from the vacuum cleaner and I don’t want to lose it.
I have read that if I change my wifi, the token will change. But we have never finished reading if I can upgrade the firmware to the latest official version. Will the token change too?
Thank you for your experience.

I plan to update: Roborock S5
from: 3.3.9_001633
to: 3.3.9_001885

this is because I cannot use the official Mi home application at the same time

My personally, I didn’t loose token after FW upgrade.

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I can confirm that the firmware update will not change the token.

Thank you very much for your help

Not true. I did an firmware upgrade today from 3.3.9 to 3.5.7 and did’nt have any wifi connection any more. Reset the wifi and all done, but no connecton to HA any more. Did hookup the old Mi Home app and lookup the token and it HAS changed. Placed a new token in my vacuum configuration file in HA, all working again.
but for sure the token has changed.

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Thank you for your feedback, it is possible that this upgrade is making major changes. Thanks for the information. I’ll be careful. it is a big problem for me to get a token. thanks