Vacuum Commodore CVR-300 - help with integration

Hey, guys!

First of all I am and am learning slowly so thank you for your patience and you time!

I have a Commodore vacuum cleaner type CVR-300. I bought it for a great price in the sale (from 499e to 145e).
But this brand is not supported by HA and I didn’t find any third party intergration (so few people have it)
If it doesn’t work I will try to control it via IR controller (I will map it) but I would prefer if it goes more than via app it has a lot of excellent features. e.g. Lidar scanner and thus I would have a nice map of the apartment in HA.
CVR-300 - Lidar scan, floor cleaning, vacuuming, , 2.4ghz/5ghz, voice control (but I didn’t find Google Home or Alexa either looks like that brand is ending)

They say it’s from my country Austria (but so of course it’s made in China like everything) But the company KSG Group is Austrian.

What I have found so far:

I’m attaching pictures of what I’ve tried different scans. According to the scan mac address threw out the tag SHENZHEN BILIAN ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. I als
Scan nmap wraper

o unpacked the apk application (I use both iphone and android) there are some sub files where I found some mentions of MQTT but I don’t understand much about it.

Screenshot 2023-10-15 110909

Packet Capture

I see here that he is joining 3irobotix. but when I tried also their applications it doesn’t connect because of the wifi name - it doesn’t agree with my start commodore-xxxx their irobotix-xxxx

When I want to use Alex, I am prompted at the end to link my account. I click and am redirected to the page: login (

I will be grateful for any advice and procedure how to go further