Vacuum for multi-level, mostly hardwood, $500ish

I have split level home with 3 floors. Main floor where it would will be docked is hardwood, with a large circular rug, and then also the kitchen.

  • I am not necessarily concerned cloud/installing Valetudo
  • I was originally thinking vacuum only, but I guess mop technology has gotten better? But still primarily interested in vacuum.
  • In a perfect world, would like to be able to place it on a different floor, have it know that etc. But not a firm requirement.
  • I don’t have pets (and don’t plan on it)
  • I do want HA integration, maps, last time cleaned, see heat map of areas missed etc.
  • Roborock seems to be highly recommended, but might be a bit pricey. I would like to keep it under $500, but willing to spend that or even a little more if it is best for my needs.

One recommendation from my side - if you have hardwood floors that have structure (grooves, not completely flat), be careful with the mopping feature. We used the mopping function on our Roborock S7 and after a while we saw that it did not clean but pushed dirt into all the grooves. Had to scrub the floor thoroughly by hand to get it clean again.

One more thing to add: if your hardwood is not treated or coated or maintained well, I would recommend not using moping feature either.