[Vacuum] Go to previously unreachable position

Hi there,
I’m quite challenged by my Vacuum (Roborock S50, newest Firmware) - maybe somebody can help me out:
I want to create an automation where the vacuum drives to a specific location to be cleaned. The location is not always reachable from the dock, because a door can be closed. The automation should only trigger when the door is opened. But when the internal map of the vacuum shows no connection to the goto-position (because the door was closed during last clean), the vacuum won’t navigate to it. I’ve already tried to drive directly in front of the door, but the map won’t update. Did anyone experience this, too? Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?

Yes, that’s a great question.
I have the same problem.
Very annoying.

I’d love to have someone here solving this automatically.
The manual solution is to drive the robot next to the problematic area and start cleaning, it then will go about scanning the area again, and then you can stop it.

I think that the way to go about it is to “listen” to the sensor that tells you the status of the roborock - and once you get “can’t reach” or something of that nature error message - you send the roborock to a known static coordinate which is next to the door that might be sometimes closed.

So basically you start a cleaning routine, IF you get the “unreachable” error code, you send it to the static known coordinates next to the door, start spot clean up (for scanning the area again) and stopping after 30 second (or any amount which should be enough to complete the scan).

Then, repeat the process once (so for loop of 2 iteration) since if the door is now open - it will simply execute the cleaning now, or if the door isn’t open - it will stop and go back to the dock.