Vacuum Interactive Map Card

Yes, with layout card

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How then with layout card? Code example?

I don’t use it, check documentation of layout card, everything is explained there. It also greatly depends on what you want to achieve

How can you say “yes” then? You might as well say “yes with homeassitant everything is possible” :-). I have asked and tried myself many times to make a card bigger but never succeeded.

It is possible with the layout card. You have to set the view to have larger column widths (Described in the documentation) and then add your card that you want. The configuration depends on what layout you want to use. So asking him to give you an example means he has to setup an entire view just to help you. How about you take 5 minutes to read the documentation and try to implement something yourself. Then when you run into issues, create a separate forum post asking how to fix your yaml in order to achieve what you want. Demanding examples is not the way to go about this.


I think I already have asked a lot for this feature, just an example :slight_smile: 🔹 Card-mod - Add css styles to any lovelace card - #1621 by lanky8804

I do no expect you guy to be my help-desk :-).

But the thing is I never managed to get this done myself… thus it seems not so easy. And the most standard reaction on this forum seems to be “here’s the link”:-).

thus… I think it will remain small in my dashboard.

Yes, and the response on that post was the same. The cards themselves don’t control their height or width. The view does that. You have to use the layout card. There’s an example on that page that changes the column width. It’s literally the first yaml in the documentation. You’ve had an example this whole time but your stubbornness to read the documentation is holding you back.

That is not fair. It is not about stubborness! I really love homeassistant but sometimes for others “simple” things are complex for me… and this keeps being one of them. I have tried really a lot… but never have seen a working example and thus never got it working.

Again, it is not fair to say I did not read it. I did, but I do not get it clearly, that is something different than stubbornness.

Then, please…

@sender There is a yaml configuration for this case in a documentation of layout-card: link.

I think that is not the case… at least can’t let the image be shown bigger that way. Yes the card itsself gets wider, but not the image…

Thank you! Layout card is great!

When the card is bigger, the map will be bigger proportional.

This is what I did. I have one view which contains three cards: vacuum, map_extractor, and this interactive map card. After install layout card, go to edit view config, layout, change layout to vertical, then in the layout options, enter “width 500” (or whatever width you want), then save. Now the three cards are in vertical with each of width of 500px!

Layout card has lots of options, I think maybe the grid layout gives most of flexible but seems complicated to setup (at least to me, without learning all these grid-xxx options).

did you restart HA after change?
try trim value of 10 on each, and see the effect, then increase/decrease each accordingly.

what is the best way of getting zone data if i dont have an android phone?

nvm, i fixed with using debug, thank you :slight_smile:

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Can I remove the Modes and Start button? I want to keep the map only


Tried to set
modes: false
modes: []

but not worked.

Any ideas?

What do you need this card for in this case? :smiley: Wouldn’t it be better to use Picture Glance Card or Picture Entity Card instead?

Using it for a live map and adding rooms selection (same as in MI app)


But using it for room selection won’t be possible without Start button :smiley: