Vacuum Interactive Map Card

i think i have done it right now, but if i think right, when starting the vaccum, its send a script.vacuum_start.

I will need to add [25212, 22743] some wher, this is the place it sholde go out to after i have startred the vaccum.

Or maybe i dont need to, its just going out form the garage by it self?

You have to test it on your specific case. I use manual vacuum control to make it leave the garage

Is there a way to make the path_width thinner than 1?

Can you also make it look smoother? Like xiaomi’s own app?

You can add following lines to your config of map extractor:

  scale: 2
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One more question, can I hide the lock icon that shows I have locked the map?

Using card mod:

style: |
  #map-zoomer-overlay > div:nth-child(1) {
    display: none;
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Is it possible to make the card less high and preferably wider? The card is too high to fit on my tablet.

Card dimensions depend on size of the image and column width in HA view. You can configure map_trimming in config of map extractor to change map size.

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Thank you. The trimming option did it. :+1:

Is it possible to get the map in higher resolution/quality?

You can also add scale: 2 to map transformations :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Is 2 max or could/should it be increased even more?

2 is acceptable :wink: increasing scale highly increases resources usage, limits depends on your hardware

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I’ll stick with 2. :blush: I think it looks pretty good now.

I have the Roborock S6 MaxV. I have names for the rooms in the app but they don’t show up on the map, even though I use draw: [‘all’]. Is there a limitation with my model? If so, is there any other way to show room names on the map?

Different vacuums store different things in the map file. Map names are stored only by a few of them. You can add room names in the config of a card (in room cleaning or predefined zones modes)

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When I figured it out it was quite easy with the help of your card to define the room names.

My next improvement would be to add the additional maps that the vacuum has saved. I understand that what is shown for the moment is the live map, and if I want to see something else I need to change the current map in the Xiaomi app. I’ve tried to search and read different posts and I understand that there may be different presets which can hold different maps. But what I don’t understand is what I should do to define which of the vacuum’s maps goes into which preset.

I ultimately would like to be able to change the vacuum’s current map using the card and also, if the card is changed, manually or by the vacuum in the Xiaomi app, I would like it to be reflected in the card.

Is this something that can be done?

Check out this issue:

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Hi Piotr. First of all, thank you for your amazing work! Much appreciated.

However, I noticed I have an issue with room cleaning. I can select a room, then I press “start button” on the right. Vacuum (roborock_s5e) undocks, but after few seconds app shows “Invalid calibration, check your configuration” and the robot says that selective room cleaning is completed and returns to dock.

Zone cleanup or zone list works fine.

What can be wrong?

Have you created rooms manually or used built-in generator?

I use Live Map only. I manually changed points coordinates in map mode vacuum_clean_segment and in map mode / rooms.

Could you give some brief instruction how to use built-in generator, please, if that is preferred?