Vacuum Interactive Map Card

I assume you have 3 cameras (one for every floor). You can follow these steps:

  1. Create a card for every floor
  2. Generate room config for every card
  3. Copy 2 of these configs and add them in additional_presets section of a first card.
    Example config

Thanks for you answer, that seem to be a good solution, I will definitely go for.
However, I have actually 4 camera entities, 1 for the “current” map, on which I get to see the actual passes progress of the robot. And another 3 for each floor, where there will not be live progress.
So should I create one preset with “current” camera, without any set of rooms, call it “Live view”, and then 3 additional preset for each room, with their sets of rooms each?

That depends on your preferences :wink:

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[EDIT - I figured it out]

Hi there,

This is really a great card - the functionality and the documentation is amazing!

I have an old roborock that I’m trying to get sorted on HA. I have a png image which is a snap generated from the valetudo camera system, and my calibration points on said map.

My question is that the map doesn’t seem to render: My guess is that I am not pointing it to the correct image?

The file does seem to be there though:

What am I doing wrong?

Hi, I’am struggling with the rooms config.

When I press the ‘GENERATE ROOMS CONFIG’ button in the card nothing happend. The config stays the same.

This is my card config:

type: custom:xiaomi-vacuum-map-card
  camera: camera.dreamebot_z10_pro_map
  camera: true
entity: vacuum.dreamebot_z10_pro
vacuum_platform: Tasshack/dreame-vacuum

The card ist not nested in any other card(s).

Dreame Z10 Pro over Xiaomi Account
Dreame: v1.0.4
xiaomi-vacuum-map-card: v2.2.2
HA: 2024.7.1