Vacuum recomendations


I’m looking for a comparison of the available supported vacuums. Which is the simplest to intergrate, which is most feature rich, which is most reliable and which has the best value? I’m not really sure what features to look for in a vacuum and what can be controlled from home-assistance.

In a nutshell, which vacuum should I buy?


Personally I have a Xiaomi and if I had to buy another one, I’d still go for a Xiaomi…


I have just ordered a Xiaomi Roborock and its on its way !

What model do you have. What is it that you like about it. Why did you choose it?

I have their first connected vac (not the v2 that also has a mop).
What made me select it was mainly the price (about 1/2 price compared to a roomba or neato) and on review comparison websites it was right up there with the best, even beating them on some tests, and very importantly the fact that it was supported by HA.

I have the xiaomi v2, and I love it. Since there has been a firmware update for the v1, which also adds the map/zoning features for it, the main difference is the mopping feature. If you have mainly carpet, I would recommend v1, if you have a lot of tiles etc., the v2 really helps you keeping everything cleaner. The integration is great for both the v1 and v2, you can basically setup rooms/areas in HA and have them cleaned as you wish (it’s a little bit of work to do that, bot it’s worth it). Xiaomi recently released another, even cheaper version (called “youth edition”, which has no mapping feature (and will never have, since it lacks the lasers to do so), but apparently its also good what I have heard. And I think its below 200$.

Where is the best place to buy the Xiaomi v1 or v2? I’m in Canada and everywhere I find it online it ships from China.

Down the bottom of the page linked are a couple of site links.

Thanks. Based on the recommendations here I ended up going with the Xiaomi v2 ordered from Ali Express since I have a mix of carpet, tile, and wood flooring also I like the washable filter option.