Vacuum recommendation

I’m looking to buy a vacuum robot and looking for recommendations. What do you guys have and also want a good integration with HA?

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum works pretty well for me. The robot is supported by HA.

+1 for Xiaomi

There are 2 versions, which is best?

They are both good, the S50 also has the ability to mop. Don’t expect any wonders, but if you have a lot of tiles e.g. it is very effective to keep them cleaner. If you have a lot of carpet stick to version 1.

The V1 has the better price-performance ratio.

+1 xiaomi s50 mop far better than v1

+1 for Xiaomi. V2 version is helpfull if you don’t have carpet or can avoid them easily by drawing rectangles on your home plan.

Other warning I had difficulties with one new carpet with deep black shape on it. Work around is to cover the cliff sensor, but you don’t have anymore protection against steps and stairs.

About HA integration, there is a post explaining how you can use you Google Home to send voice commands to clean a specific zone.

Is this a good place to buy it? Or is it overpriced?

Do the Xiaomi vacuums communicate with the Xiaomi cloud when configured with HA? Is it possible to disable that?

They communicate directly, you have to enter there IP.