Vacuum template to show wich room

I have a roomba 970 and wonder what the easiest way is to make use of the coordinates that the “position” attribute gives.

The easier solution, just a template-sensor that shows which room the vacuum currently is cleaning. I have already figured out wich coordinates are wich room, only have to make a sensor that can manage the coordinates in the form of ex: (14, 650, 173)

The tougher solution is the floorplan map with all coordinates. I have see a few of these out there but no straight forward guide on how to do this, if it even is possible with my model.

I was looking to do the same thing.

A while ago I defined each of the rooms in vacuum coordinates (for the vacuum map card), so the only bit missing is the code to lookup the current vacuum coordinates and return a room name.

Admittedly that is a big part to be missing…