Vacuum Widget

What widget type would work with the vacuum compenent?

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what do you want to do with the vacuum? and how does it look in HA?
can you switch it? is it only a sensor?
what service in HA does it use?

I would like to be able to turn on / off and send to home mainly. It uses the vacuum component.

It has a few other services but those are the main few that would be handy. This is what it looks like in ha:

I’m using it with switch. Here’s my dash config

    widget_type: switch
    title: robovac
    entity: vacuum.robovac
    icon_style_active: "font-size: 500%; color: #aaff00"
    icon_style_inactive: "font-size: 500%"
    icon_on: mdi-google-circles-group
    icon_off: mdi-broom
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Nice, thanks. I was just thinking to create an automation for inputboolean. For it to turn on and then then off would be return to home. With the switch does off just stop it or does it send it home? Thanks again

I just tried it and it returned to the dock but that is a xiaomi vacuum, I suspect it would depend on the behaviour of the vacuum itself. Give it a try, the dash just needs a refresh so so it’s pretty quick to test.

I generally just use an automation to vacuum everyday at a certain time and rarely initiate by the dashboard (or voice) control.

Somethin like this shoud work:)

- alias: "roomba on"
    - platform: state
      entity_id: input_boolean.roomba
      from: 'off'
      to: 'on'
    - service: script.say_sonos
        volume: '0.65'
        where: 'living_room,, media_player.bathroom'
        what: 'Let me clean this bitxx up for you'
    - service: homeassistant.turn_on
      entity_id: vacuum.roomba

- alias: "roomba off"
    - platform: state
      entity_id: input_boolean.roomba
      from: 'on'
      to: 'off'
    - service: vacuum.return_to_home
      entity_id: vacuum.roomba

I work from home the majority of the time unless i have a meeting with a customer. Im hoping to get exchange integration soon so i can have an automation that looks and if there is an adrdress with a calander invite and i am not home to start the process. So for the time being the dashboard helps alot, i can just hit it on my way out…

if the button in HA sends it home it will go home with the switch entity.

the switch entity is actually nothing more then the homeassistant/turn_on turn_off service.
so you can switch everything that uses that service.

I tested it last night with my Roomba turning it off does just that. It’s kinda a pause. If you turn it back on it starts cleaning again.

do you have an option in HA to dock it?

Yea that automation with using service/return_to_home works perfectly.

hmm yeah return to home is in no widget.
so then all that is possible is start an automation or an app with the dashboard.

Appreciate you checking for that!

there are some other things i need to finish first but in a short while i will try to add some more widgets.
thanks for giving me the clue to check for unused services.

i will try to complete the widget list with services from HA that are not provided as widget yet.

Thanks man! I’m working on learning hopefully I can be helpful at some point. Do you happen to know css? I’m trying to complete hide a title and move the text of the sensor to the top of the widget. I’ve tried just about every argument I can find on google. I got the text to not show but I can’t seem to get the text of the sensor to be at the top of the widget.

the title doesnt show if you dont give a title.

the sensor has also a container that has value and unit in it.
value and unit are possible to change by the css but the container not. (like i had with the select and slider)
ill make a pull request tommorow to add a css var for the container so you can pull it to the top.

then it would just be “top: 5 px”

Sorry I shoulda sent this last time. And maybe I should have started a new thread…but what I am trying to do it add that temp to the top of the page to be right in front of the clock. Its a sensor widget that just looks at the current local temp.

yeah i think i understood correct.
you want the sensor value at the top from the widget.
and that cant be done right now because you dont have the possibility to set css for the container which contains the value and the unit (78 and F)
ill add that posibility tommorow and then you can do that with the next AD release.

you could have started a new thread but you started the thread so youre not hijacking it :wink:

haha true:slight_smile:
Thanks Rene, wish I could buy you a beer for all the help and great work you have been providing!

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youll have to come to germany for that. :wink: