Valetudo - Xiaomi Vacuum Dustcloud alternative, Live Maps


Thanks a lot. I finally managed after 2 evenings to root the vacuum.

I can now ssh to it… but only from the raspberry that has the key (ssh key, I think) which is NOT the host that runs HASS.

The vacuum can be controlled by the Mi Home app, but not from HASS, maybe because of this ssh key thing?


Which is the version that can save old maps?


I think for gen2 aka roborock s50 it should be v1518


I have gen 1, you know for those?


I’m not quite sure, but i dont think that gen1 has this feature. I think its gen2 only for now.


Now I can enter my rooted Vacuum from the same raspberry pi with ssh keys (user root, password mypassword).

If I try to enter from any other machine (ubuntu where HASS is) I can’t entrer, permission denied, even if user and password are correct.

Need top understand all this ssh keys think. Man sometimes linux is difficult, for me lol


Ok thank you


Might be the wrong thread but since here a a lot of ppl reading with experience: can I downgrade my rockrobo s50? I’m experiencing some troubles with newer firmwares.


Hi, did you manage? Any tutorial which to follow?


What u mean? Espeak or my map?


Voices/music, would be cool to have the robot say “now I am going to clean the kitchen” meanwhile playing an mp3 or radio sration, and when finished “the kitchen is clean now” lol


You can achieve that with an automation and tts … just by listening the sensor of the vacuum. You can install all kind of software on the robot. But i don’t recommend to install stuff which upgrades/ updates / changes packages on it. We never know which hidden problems could appear :slight_smile:


Tts on the robot, cool, how?

I guess is not possible to install without the risk of updating core functions, hence too risky to brick it, got it!


Basically it’s ubunut 14 on the robo… u can install all packages you want. But I HIGHLY RECOMMEND not to do so! Breaking the robot yould be the risk :slight_smile:


I wonder if there is a reset/restore option of the OS. I installed nano on mine with no issues so far.


nano is harmless .)


and alsa? :slight_smile:

Tried to install it but says dependency are missing, so I stopped

[email protected]:~# sudo apt-get install alsa
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package alsa
[email protected]:~#


did u make apt update before?


No, may I?


indeed as repository changes and packages are not found without updating the list / packages