Valetudo - Xiaomi Vacuum Dustcloud alternative, Live Maps


Yes I understand that but

" Basically it’s ubunut 14 on the robo… u can install all packages you want. But I HIGHLY RECOMMEND not to do so! Breaking the robot yould be the risk :slight_smile:£""


I know there are some guys out there who installes a lot of shit in the robo and it still works :slight_smile: so basically it’s ok but avoid updating something on the robo


Did you figure out how to move your Keys over?
It looks like you did you could scp the files to the machine you prefer but don’t forget to chmode them like
Copy file from local host to a remote host SCP example:

scp file.txt [email protected]_host:/remote/directory/

chmod 600

then login with

ssh -i FILE_LOCATION [email protected]_vacuum


Thanks noted.

A polemic note: all this complication and secrecy to access a vacuum robot? Lol


Thanks for the great hint, I only heard of dustcloud before and am very happy with Valetudo, works great (only implemented it yesterday though :slight_smile: ).

One question: Have you added zone cleaning yet? I have problems with the coordinates, also I noticed that the maps are rotated by 90° between Valetudo and the map in HA. If you have zones defined and working, I would be very happy if you could let me know whether the directions on the Valetudo github are correct (and which scaling factor you use between px and coordinates, I calculated 1 px to be 60 mm, but that seems to be an odd increment).



There is a new Release available 0.0.9

This adds the ability to see the coordinates of the map if you goto ip-address/zone so it should be easier to setup zoned cleaning now :slight_smile:

If you have a Gen 2 (S50 Rock Robo) You can use firmware 1780 and use persistent maps now. Although I have not tried that feature yet!


I’ve been working on drawing vacuum map on overlay of my flat plan. It requires a rooted robot

Here is the result :

I’ve made a script on HA that starts on robot state change, grab log and map via SSH and draw that locally on HA. Then use the built image as a generic camera.

The script stops when vacuum is docked and send me the final image on telegram.

I’m working right now on making it more generic ( optimize placement and scaling between the 2 images, etc. …). As soon as it’s stable, i’ll share my config on github.

EDIT: I created a dedicated topic : Xiaomi Vacuum (rooted) live map with floor plan


I’ve just rooted my v1 vacuum and installed the valetudo binary, no issues.
I’m wondering about how the wifi settings change works, ie what happens if you enter incorrect information or if it fails to connect? Does it reconnect to the last connected wifi, or are you locked out?

I had some issues when setting up my vacuum originally, I could never get it to connect to a network with authentication. I had to set up a separate SSID without authentication in order to get it to connect. I’d really like to get it connected to my IoT network, but I’m afraid of losing it altogether if it attempts to associate and fails.


I also have gen1. Rooted but still original firmware. And using Flovelac for maps and HASS for control
How do you like Valetudo?

Is it better?


Fantastic project


Answering my own question: You just reset the wifi and it resets and starts the AP at again, and you can connect directly to id that way.


Which is the latest Xiaomi firmware for which is possible to root and use Valetudo?


According to the GitHub:

  • Gen1 Firmwares at least up to 3514(?)
  • Gen2 Firmwares up to 1518

Although on the Gen2 1780 works if you patch rrlogd so you can use persistent maps. They are also trying to get the virtual walls to work.

I really need to get round to updating mine to 1780.


Ok, thanks. Do I first have to install Valetudo and then a newer firmware, or better the other way around?

Now I have an older firmware (3416). So I downloaded the 3514, and made this procedure
sudo ./dustcloud/devices/xiaomi.vacuum/firmwarebuilder/ -f v11_003514.pkg -k

and all went well, in output I have the new file v11_003514.pkg

Now I am lost in what to do. Can’t remember how to access the Vacuum with SSH (which is ther username and password??), and terribly lost with how it all works with SSH keys (I do have this file … but now ??


Did you get access again to your vacuum?

And where did you download the 3514 version? I “only” found 3504. Thanks!



I can login with SSH (putty) but it asks me username and password, and I do not know what to put. I also have a file available, but my knowledge of SSH keys and so on is limited.

So my question would be: having the file how to SSH the Xiaomi Vacuum?

Last time I was able to uplaod the firmware using the procedure in the dustcloud wiki, so it should work also this time, anyhow I was preferring to know how to access the Vacuum and put the Valetudo software


I use WinSCP on my PC for this part. If you want to do this part on Linux or Mac you will have to google or wait for someone else I am afraid.

Using WinSCP click “New Session” then “New Site” I use SFTP protocol, fill in your IP address, “User Name” root don’t put a password in. Click Advanced

On the Left Select “SSH” and then “Authentication”. Under Private key file: navigate to you fiile.

It will ask about converting the file to a “PuTTY” format, select OK, OK again.
I then select save on the first screenshot. Press Login and it will prompt you for a password. This will be the one you set when setting the key up.


Many thanks for your effort and help.

I followed your advice but is not giving me this dialog box … just asking for the password, I put it but it says is wrong (I am pretty sure is the correct one, but will redo the whole process just in case)

Winscp upgraded to latest version 5.13.6 (9061)


On my first screenshot where you put the username root in are you leaving the password blank? It should ask you for the password later on once it starts connecting.