Valid syntax for rest related Switchbot sensors

What is the valid syntax for the symbol meter1 in this post Switch-Bot API integration - #15 by fLegmatik? Can I use foo_bar instead? What about foo_bar_baz? Can I rename Meter JSON to FOfdsioaufsdio43 XML, and so on?

My names originally have spaces in them (for example Big Apple), which I have already converted via jq to big_apple, but that still doesn’t seem enough. In short, please explain the format and the semantics of the undocumented name parameter. It’s also possible the code of this user is wrong.

Names can be any valid string (including spaces). It is documented in the integration that was used (restful sensor):

Screenshot 2022-02-13 at 12-32-58 RESTful Sensor

There was no need to do this.

Sure, which is why you refer to the documentation, not a forum post from a year ago. Things change rapidly around here and forum posts can become out of date (or just be wrong in the first place).