Vallhorn tailored blueprint - test drive

Using various ideas from Blueprints Exchange, I tailored a solution for the Vallhorn wireless motion sensor. This is one of the latest devices in the Ikea range. Please feel free to try the blueprint out. Comments and corrections are welcome, as with more than moderate experience I’m sure I’ve missed something or it can be done better.

Here’s how you add that fancy link. The UI only crowd will need it & bug you until they have it…
Create a link – My Home Assistant.

You are absolutely right. Sorry, I got carried away with enthusiasm. But I have already returned to the path of virtue and righteousness :raising_hand_man:

Please enlighten me.

Maybe it’s OK. The link looked odd to me but I think it’s because you used the html link and not the markdown version. Looks like it works OK. My bad.

There are three versions available. I have chosen this one to distinguish it from the fully completed project. It is a test version, so the html link attracts attention because it looks different. With you it worked :man_bowing: