Value for temperature forecast for specific given time

I am trying to create an automation for Car Heating. I have a weather forecast from YR, but how can I get the forecast for tomorrow at 07:30?

What time would you turn the car heating on?

Set up the Yr forecast option for however many hours you need it to be in the future from this turn on time.

Then write an automation triggered at the turn on time to check the forecast temperature.

I want the possibility to have variable departure time, so for example i i leave 06:30 then I want the forcast at that time to be visible. I’m using the car_heater template, but i would like to use forecast instead of measured temp.


But the question is how I retreive the value for time 06:30 in the automation.

Let’s say you set the Yr forecast to 1hr ahead. That means you have to check the forecast one hour before your departure time.

There is no way around this. The Yr forecast time can’t be templated.

Ok, that is sad. I would probably run on measured temp anyway, but it would be to be able to see what time it is supposed to start already in the evening. It is not unusual that temperature drops 10-15 degrees.

How is your variable departure time set?

I’m using, the departure time is set by

# Input sensors
    name: Timme
    icon: mdi:timer
    min: 0
    max: 23
    step: 1

    name: Minut
    icon: mdi:timer
    min: 0
    max: 55
    step: 5


Can you explain what you need the forecast for?

Is it to determine if the heating should be turned on,or when?

It’s for both. If the temperature is below 10 °C it should start, and then there is a linear calculation to tell how long time it will run, for example, -10 °C it will run for 1,5h.

What’s your longest possible run time?

Set the Yr forecast time to be an hour longer than that.

You can then use the forecast at that time it in your calculations.

I don’t know how good the Yr forecast is but I doubt it would normally change much in 6 to 8 hours.

So, say your maximum run time is 6 hours.

Set the Yr forecast to be 7 hours.

7 Hours before your set departure do the calculation for how long the heater should be on, if the forecast temperature is below 10°C.

OK, I will try, but for now i think I will rest. I probably won’t use it until november.

I likewise am looking for the ability to retrieve a forecast temperature at a specified time. I want to know what temperature is expected at 0600 each day to help determine the value of a templated binary sensor reporting if the windows should be opened in the evening.

Ideally, if the forecast temperature at 0600 was below the current indoor temperature and the humidity was expected to be low, then the windows would be opened in the evening to cool the house toward the desired temperature (70F). In my use case, the interval temperatures do not matter, as I desire the target to be reached by the morning when returning from working nightshift. If the forecast dewpoint at 0600 was also available, this would be even more helpful, as I desire only to open the windows when the dewpoint is lower than 62.

What is the best integration to retrieve this kind of API data? AccuWeather appears to have a 12 hour forecast.