Value from Tesla Integration in Energy Dashboard

Hi there all,
I want to integrate some values from Tesla Integration in the Energy panel dashboard,
but I cant find the values that I want.

For example I have tha value:
that is work ok… but I can’t find it in the energy panel.

Anyone can help me please ?
Thanks in advance

That has been explained quite often: Power is not Energy.
To get Energy from a Power sensor, use the Riemann integration

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Thanks for the help
…but I’m sorry, for me the sensor that Tesla Integration give me is same energy
I know cause sometime I pay for it :slight_smile:

Energy is in Watt per Hour (more commonly, kilowatt per hour, or kWh)
Power is in Watt.

From you screenshot, you definitely seem to get Power, besides the remaining energy in your battery (9.273 kWh)

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My problem now is that I get the battery power IN and OUT on the same variable.
In the energy conf. it ask me 2 variables…
…so complicated :frowning: