Value of state is showing as negative and the £ symbol is after value

‘’‘{{states(‘sensor.solis_s6_solis_today_energy_fed_into_grid_compensation’) | float(0) - states(‘sensor.total_spent_today’) | float(0)}}’‘’

This is what I have but for some reason the value is negative and it shouldn’t be.

Also how can I get the “£” to be before the value and not after?

Regards Mike.

is this entity (total cost today) a helper or sensor you created? if so, can you please share the yaml or template for it?

and also please go into dev-tools->template and give us the values of:

{{ states(‘sensor.solis_s6_solis_today_energy_fed_into_grid_compensation’) }} 


{{ states(‘sensor.total_spent_today’) }}