Value throughput sensor node to HA (frome Node Red)

I’m having some difficulties sending values from Node-Red to HA using the entity node(Sensor).
Some values are updating as expected; when Node-Red sees a new value, HA also gets a new value.
But most of the values only update(once!) when I reboot HA completely.

See first image below, the entity nodes with the red arrow are working correctly.
First I thought it had something to do with the function node, because I thought only the entity nodes directly attached to the MYSQL node gave updates in HA.
But this is not true, because the bottom two(LIGHT 0-100% ; SUN 0-100%) are also updating the value in HA.

Grafana graph before rebooting HA:

Grafana graph after rebooting HA:


I gladly hear if anyone has any ideas or thoughts on why this would happen and how to resolve or “work around” this.

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards,

I just realised something.
Currently the sensors are in a testing environment, so most sensor are constantly having the exact same value.
Could that have anything to do with it?

I’m not near the testing location at this moment, but I will be tomorrow.
So I’ll give moving the testing object a try to see if anything happens in HA.

To be continued.

Probably. Internally, HA does a number of checks against current and previous states and will not set device states when they haven’t changed. So, even if you are setting the state manually, if it matches the previous state, HA won’t update it.

The easiest way to test this is by using the random node in NodeRed (I’m not sure if the random node will do floats instead of ints, but you can use a change node for that). Replace your MySQL node with a random node and have the flow run normally.