Valutudo zone cleaning capability

Hey Folks!

I am pretty new to Home Assistant, coming from ioBroker. I installed it to check if I want to switch to HA and it looks promising right now! :+1:

I have an old Roborock S50 running Valetudo, doing his job for years now and want to integrate it in HA. I followed the Instructions, installed the map viewer and everything works as expected.
But I am missing the ZoneCleaningCapability as mentioned in the MQTT document.
The robot is connected to HA, I can see the MQTT messages coming in (in the adapter configuration) but I cannot send commands via MQTT.

Does anyone know how to solve this? In ioBroker I had a small script sending the robot in front of the cat litter every few hours and don’t want to define a special room there.

Thanks for your help!

This might help:
MQTT - Home Assistant.

And another person asking similar question:
MQTT Publish in scripts.yaml.

Thank you for the links, I got it working!

I have no idea why it was not working before, but deleting the whole automation and adding it again from scratch helped.
I might had a spelling error in the topic…?
We will never know.