Various doubts before upgrading synology DSM 7

Hello everybody! I hope you can help me with these doubts I have because before upgrading I want to be sure that everything will work fine.

To put them in context I am using a NAS DS718+ where inside a virtual machine I have installed the home assistant OS.

My doubts are the following:

  1. USB Zigbee cc2531 recognizes it and works correctly?

  2. I have read that USB Bluetooth is no longer compatible, does it work inside the virtual machine even if it does not work inside synology but it does in virtual machines?

  3. I use Surveillance Station so I can use them with Alexa, do the Surveillance Station camera entities still show up so I can still use them inside Alexa or inside my panel?

  4. Did you find something wrong with home assistant when upgrading to DSM 7.0?

I know it’s a bit long but I hope you can help me. Thank you very much!

(Sorry if my English is not perfect but I use the translator).

Someone who knows will probably have to know what you are using at present?

This refers to?

Your subject line talks about updating to DSM7. What are you updating to DSM7 from.

It is a new synology operating system update (DSM7) that has been released on my NAS (DS718+) which I have installed inside a virtual machine with the home assistant operating system.

Before upgrading I would like to know that everything I ask is compatible and works.