Vaultwarden restore database

Hi - I am currently working on a backup and restore strategy for the vaultwarden addon.

At the moment, vaultwarden is running on my Synology NAS in a Docker container, with the data folder being mounted from a local folder on the NAS to the Docker container via my Docker Compose configuration.

I recently moved homeassistant, which was also running in a docker container on the NAS, to a proxmox vm and installed Home Assistant OS 10.5 and restored a backup. so far so good.

Now I have installed the “Home Assistant Community Add-on: Vaultwarden (Bitwarden)” and am facing the problem of how the heck I am supposed to import a backup. I’m not talking about creating new users and importing data/passwords there, but rather restoring the complete database (Backing up your vault · dani-garcia/vaultwarden Wiki · GitHub) as intended.
so where is the vaultwarden addon database (db.sqlite3) located and how can i get to it? :smiley:


This would be a very eady task.
If the format of the Home Assistent backup files would not be so evil!

My projected solution was:

  1. install vaultwarden
  2. create a backup
  3. modify the backup file to include the data from my existing valutwarden
  4. restore the backup

Well, step 3. is quite impossible!
“Why, this sounds very simple?” you may ask.

Because some [censored] person(s) who designed the backupo format of HA, thought it was a good idea to save the files inside the tar into a directory named . (just a dot).

I found not a single tool out there, wether commandline or gui (like peazip) which can add a file inside the . (dot) directory. I can delete a file - yes.
but when i add the file into the tar, it gets into the root and noit the dot folder.

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Thanks for your reply @Torpedro1978!

So s long as there is no possibility to access the data of Vaultwarden via the HA backup or via an SMB share, running Vaultwarden as HA addon is a nice idea but imho irresponsible and totally pointless.

on github i found btw. this: Restoring Bitwarden DB · hassio-addons/addon-bitwarden · Discussion #137 · GitHub + Backups · hassio-addons/addon-bitwarden · Discussion #93 · GitHub

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